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We understand how hard you work to build trust with your customers. They know that you will provide them with outstanding service and expert advice. We want to help you strengthen that relationship by offering professional data recovery services with quite possibly the best customer service in the industry.

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There are no contracts to sign and no obligations. We will provide you with marketing materials, free technical support for your staff and flat rate pricing.

Service Highlights

  • An amazing customer experience.
  • Expert, professional data recovery services.
  • In house Class 100 clean facility and custom written software.
  • Risk free, guaranteed recoveries.
  • Flat rate pricing for standard recoveries.
  • Free technical support for your staff.
  • Flexible data recovery services for your clients.

Build your business. Help your customers.

About Us

Sassinsky Data Services, LLC was founded with one goal: “To get the data you need; completely, accurately and quickly.”  Until data storage and computers are 100% fail proof, and people never accidently delete files, we will continue to strive toward this goal.

* Flat rate pricing applies to standard single mechanical hard drive data recovery. It does not apply to RAIDs, SSD drives, flash drives, SD cards, expedited recoveries, etc.

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